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Social Responsibility

M&M Food Market is dedicated to the principle of service – to our customers, our employees, our communities and our environment.  Within our stores and offices, we strive to be socially responsible by:

  • Supporting various local and national charities by donating cash or M&M Food Market gift cards, hosting local fundraising events or sponsoring local organizations.
  • Supporting green initiatives such as replacing less efficient freezers with newer, more energy-efficient ones, using LED lighting, providing and advocating the use of reusable shopping bags, recycling and printing our flyers with environmentally friendly inks on recycled paper.
  • In order to reduce waste and environmental damage, M&M Food Market charges a fee of $0.05 per plastic bag.
  • Continually evaluating and improving our products and ingredients used, and considering consumer needs for nutrition/allergies in the development of new and existing products. We also encourage all of our supplier-partners in the continuous improvement of sustainable fishery and aquaculture practices. 

    Find out more about our sustainable seafood policy & how to request donations & sponsorships: